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PVC: goods tight support PVC market is now \\"linear\\" pull up
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  Recent domestic PVC market price continues to go up, since October, the domestic PVC market price once went up, it can be said that the "linear" pull up the situation. According to zhongyu Information monitoring data, as of November 17, the market price of calcium carbide PVC in East China rose to 7,700 yuan/ton, 15% higher than the price of early October, and the market price of ethylene PVC rose to 8,100 yuan/ton, 16% higher than the price of early October. Zhongyu Information analysis believes that the main factors causing the recent rise in the price of PVC in China are the rising prices of raw materials, the shortage of market supply and the support of the overall market speculation.


  Raw material aspects: since October the domestic price of calcium carbide also appear constantly higher prices, the Inner Mongolia region in wuhai, WuMeng different levels of calcium carbide power brownouts effects lead to decline in the overall supply, plus maintenance over parts of form a complete set of PVC plant, under the influence of outside in reducing volumes and a series of factors, the calcium carbide price since October rose by up to 27%, according to the information of zhongyu monitoring data show that as of November 17 domestic calcium carbide prices have risen since 2019 highs. Due to the continuous strengthening of raw material prices, PVC production costs continue to increase, so the price also appears synchronous rise.


  On the supply side: due to the recent production reduction or shutdown of PVC equipment in the United States, Europe, South Korea and other countries due to force majeure and malfunction, the supply gap in the international market has appeared, driving the increasing trend of export orders of domestic PVC manufacturers; In terms of the domestic market, it is reported that the current PVC enterprise equipment operating rate is around 78%, but due to the pre-sale orders have not been completed, some enterprises have turned to limited orders, the overall shortage of the market is constantly being magnified.


  Requirements: traditional demand season "golden nine silver ten", starts the downstream products of PVC industry, coupled with a small false ten after open the downstream replenishment rally support, but as the weather turns cold, the real estate industry gradually turn pale, PVC pipe industry commenced or downstream will appear gradually declining trend, combined with the PVC prices rising, downstream enterprise material resistance increase to a high price.


  To sum up, for now the domestic PVC market, spot market supply shortage in raw material prices strong, futures disk strong shocks, etc. Under the support of good news, in the short term trend of the market as a whole or maintain high and volatile finishing operation is given priority to, but with foreign supply side gradually ease, PVC prices continue to strengthen power or will collapse, the market transaction center of gravity or has the potential to weaken.


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