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Polyethylene: When does it cool down?
Release time: 2020-11-27 10:46:51  Hits: 42


  Since the news that China joined the FREE trade Zone over the weekend, the domestic polyolefin market took advantage of the "east Wind" to rise again, the futures shock surged, petrochemical prices rose sharply under the low inventory, and traders in the spot market continued to catch up. However, due to seasonal factors, the follow-up of agricultural film orders gradually slowed down, the demand for northern shed film decreased, and only the packaging film orders performed relatively well. With the rise of the plastic market price, the downstream production profits were compressed, so the current downstream is still mainly in need of procurement, and there is a mentality of resistance to the high. Nevertheless, the news of Maoming maintenance caused the high pressure in south China market to "take off" again, thus driving up the national market, boosting the linearity and low pressure. Look from current market price, high pressure price already "crazy".

  From the above several brand price comparison, we clearly see that the south China market high pressure like broken line kite flying higher and higher, has been out of control, many goods traders cover dish not to get a windfall profits. By high pressure pull, linear and low pressure offer is also active to rise, but the supply of relatively sufficient linear and low pressure increase is obviously limited (hollow price rise is also caused by tight goods). It is the law of the market that after the boom, the market must crash. So when will the current boom cool down?

  Zhongyu information believes that the current soaring market price has made the downstream difficult to bear, the news dominated by speculation mentality is strong, although some of the current supply is tight, but the offer price beyond its rational range, so the price is not obvious. Without the support of the downstream, the short rise is weak, it is expected that the market will not last long after the copy up, but also hope that the manufacturers a moderate high position.


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